Do you want to Contribute to TodPhod?

You can do so by submitting your Awesome Designs!

Submit your designs here:-

What to Submit?

Designs,Artworks- They must be in Vector Format(Adobe or Corel Draw) .

What will the you get?

  1. Credits on Website,Yeah!
  2. Money! (Depends on the Design submitted)

Hell Yeah \m/

Guidelines for Design:-

  • The Design must be Original.
  • The theme must be relevant .
  • The Design must be Attractive so that people love to wear it!
  • We can not print images that are taken off the internet.

How much will I get Paid?

If your submitted design is selected for printing,We will get back to you and we discuss it out. But first you will have to submit the design. So, what are you waiting for? Come on , Do It Now!

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